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Advantages of Educating Students at an Independent School

While it initially seems like all independent schools are similar, the fact is that they are all unique. So, if you are wondering what makes independent schools special, here are few pointers to support this claim?

Independence Is Defined In Its Purest Sense

Independent schools are governed by a board of trustees, unlike the public school board. These schools are primarily supported by charitable contributions, tuition payments and endowment revenue.

The teachers of independent schools casino have the freedom to create educational experiences by catering to the needs of each child. This does not include any curriculum, state mandates, testing or textbooks.

Education That Is Mission-Driven

Whether your child is learning in a co-education or single-sex school, each independent school is driven by its unique philosophy, educational approaches and core values. The wide diversity in independent schools allows you to find the one which is right for your child.


Academic Standards Are High

Independent schools are known to nurture the intellectual curiosity of a child. Thereby, personal growth is stimulated in the child that encourages critical thinking and promotes a lifelong love of learning and knowledge.  Students getting an independent secondary school education enrol more in advanced courses than in public or private schools.

Small Classes For Better Attention

In independent schools, the teacher-student ratio in the classrooms is low that encourage close connections between students and teachers.

Excellent Teachers And Overall Support

Independent schools usually hire teachers who teach in the areas of their expertise. The teachers strive to understand the learning style of each student so that there is no lack of interest and motivation.

Graduates from independent schools have a greater tendency of completing a graduate degree or bachelor’s degree.

Education And Development Of The Child

Independent schools are known to nurture the personal interest of the child so that they can develop through social growth and civic conscience. Outside the school, the students are encouraged to participate in athletic competitions, leadership experiences and artistic pursuits.

Independent schools do not only take each student into consideration but also encourages a community of parents who can actively participate in their child’s education program.


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